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Located at an elevation of about 4,300m above sea level. Located to the east of Rohtang Pass and near the Gulaba Village, in the Pir Panjal Mountain range. Named after the famous sage, Maharishi Bhrigu, the legend has it that he used to meditate by the side of this lake. Because of this, the place became holy and is one of the reasons why the lake never freezes even at such an altitude.


Hampta Pass or Hamta Pass is a high altitude mountain pass at an elevation of 4,270m above sea level and is a smaller corridor that leads from Kullu Valley to Lahaul Valley. Named after the village of the same name, the pass is like a gateway for the sheep and cattle herders of the Lahaul valley to search for pasture lands close by the high altitude cold desert of Lahaul, especially during the summer months.


Relating directly to the first Guru and founder of the belief of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, the Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a place of pilgrimage. The reason that this place is extremely famous is because of the natural hot springs here, and the legend has it that when Guru Nanak and his disciple had all they needed for a ‘Langar’ but nowhere to cook, the Guru told the disciple to life a stone from where the hot springs came out and they could cook their food.

Old Manali

Some 3 km away and slightly uphill from Manali is the quiet and quaint little town that is popularly known as the Old Manali. A favorite of many backpackers and admirers of the Hippie lifestyle in the country, Old Manali is an altogether different world from New Manali. The less crowded, offbeat location consists of many tourists and nomadic souls, especially non-Indians, who stay here for pretty long durations.


One of the most scenic parts of the country, the Parvati Valley of the river Parvati is easily the most heart winning a destination in the entire Himachal Pradesh. The slopes of the valley are covered with dense and beautiful vegetation, with a number of waterfalls finding their way through the crevices of the region and adding to the beauty. No matter what the season, you will always find the place to be utterly beautiful.


Located at a height of 3,978m above sea level, the Rohtang Pass is a high altitude mountain pass of the Pir Panjal Himalayan range which connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from this, there are many other points of importance for the pass.


Deriving its name from the nearby village, it is a side valley on the very highs of Kullu Valley and falls one the way of Rohtang pass. Solang Valley is extremely famous for the adventure sports and activities that take place here and vary from season to season. For example, the summer seasons sees the Solang Valley taking on activities like Parachuting, Paragliding, and Zorbing, whereas the winters see this place turn into an amazing skiing resort with the facilities and coachings all available during the appropriate season.